Pennsylvania Online Counseling

Online counseling in Pennsylvania from Kelly F. Dennis MS LPC at the convenience of your home (or wherever else you might be!)

Online Counseling

-Kelly provides confidential and secure online counseling to those in the state of Pennsylvania. She is able to offer you online counseling from the convenience of your home (or wherever you decide).

-Online counseling in Pennsylvania is very popular since the pandemic. Kelly has found that her clients benefit from online counseling just as much as they benefit from in person, face to face counseling. Kelly knows that the biggest factor in therapy is the therapeutic relationship and she is able to establish and maintain a healthy therapeutic relationship through online counseling.

-There may be many reasons to consider online counseling. Eliminating the commute to and from a therapist's office is one of the most common reasons people choose to seek online help. They save time and money by doing so and it's more convenient for those who don't have transportation readily available. Additionally, you may live in an area in which professional counseling services may be hard to find.

-Kelly is ready to answer any questions you may have about online counseling. Give her a call to learn more. (717)951-0266