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Follow along on Kelly's 10 minutes per day for 10 days Meditation Challenge (Read more...)

Retrain Your Brain

Kelly F. Dennis

What good news! We now know that we can actually continue to grow, change and develop our brains throughout our lifespan. The human brain is very complex, but essentially the concept of retraining your brain is pretty simple. I love how Karen Koenig, author of many eating disorder self help books, describes it in The Rules of Normal Eating.  Imagine a pile of sand. On top of that pile is a marble, if you push the marble down the pile, it creates path. (read more...)

That Nasty Girl (or Boy) That Lives Inside Your Head

young woman smilingMost of us have an internal dialogue running inside of our minds. Some psychologists have called it the “Pathological Critic”, or “Negative Internal Dialogue”. I call it the “Nasty Girl (or guy) Who Lives Inside Your Head”. Whatever you call it, it can lead to low self-esteem, negative mood, even withdrawal from others.(read more...)